Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – Denise Arthur

The 29th of May was a successful day down at Gloria Jeans Caringbah with Denise Arthur who held Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for her 15th year in row. Almost all of us can relate to the sadness of this horrible disease and the way it can tear us apart from those we love the most. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a celebration where we can all join forces to raise money to help cancer research and enhance the tools we have to hopefully one day discover a cure. It was an honour to donate a cake and cupcakes today to raise money for a great cause and charity and I am proud of what Denise and her family have achieved, almost raising $5000 as of yet.

You can show your support for this wonderful cause by donating online now. Every donation will make a difference and it is important to join forces to make the world a somewhat better place in any way that we can. Visit the link below to donate now.

Denise Arthur – Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – CLICK to Donate Now